Andrew James Paterson

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Snowjob 2:49 minutes 2001

Snowjob was drafted in response to Pleasure Dome's Blueprint, a call for submissions concerning moving images in the 21st century. The tape was conceived a a visceral yet meditative essay on the subjugation of verbal language to visual and sonic domination so characteristic of many of the videotapes that I was witnessing toward the end of the 20th century. The Y2K bug scare had already been exposed as corporate-generated hype and it had become apparent that the new millennium would be similar to the old one. How could it not as long as poverty, physical and psychological wars, AIDS, environmental disasters and pseudo-harmonic images gleefully co-opted by advertising still ruled the planet? Snowjob critiques false separations between bodies, technologies, words, pictures and sounds-while itself fetishizing that great video standby described by the word snow.