Andrew James Paterson

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Critical Writing

Anti-Hero? Qu'est Que C'est

C 2003

Canadian Shield

Chroma Lives

Dangling That Rope


Explosions in the Movie Machine: Essays and Documents on Toronto Artists` Film and Video

Extradordinarily Everyday

Fuse April 2007

Fuse April 2007

Fuse June 2004 vol 27 #2

Fuse November 2002 vol 25 #4

Fuse September 1999 vol 22 #3

Fuse Spring 1998 vol 21 #2

Fuse Spring 1995 vol 18 #3

Fuse Fall 1991 vol 15 #1&2

Fuse 1989 #53

Grammar & Not-Grammar

Hello Amiga Essay

IICD (If I Can't Dance) Appropriation

If I Can't Dance Then What Can I Do

Images Festival 25th Anniversary Essay

I’m Painting I’m Painting Again



Men Who Can't Drive

Men Who Can't Drive

Modernism POV Issue 58 Summer 2005

Money Value Art



Positive Practices
Michael Balser


Saxophone Countering Trumpets

Simpleposie Response to 2538 - On Abstractionism

Spectacular Intimacies

Splice This

Suggestive Poses

Susan Kealey-Ordinary Marvel

Suspended Paradise

Suspended Paradise

There's Too Much Love In The World

Video Vogue

We Are Behind the Object review

Zapping the Communities
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