Andrew James Paterson

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The Enigma of S.A.P. is a ten-minute cameraless videotape. S.A.P. is the name of both a fictional art gallery and a group of artists whose art provides this tape with its visuals. This art is comprised of original Photoshop compositions resembling colour-field paintings. Two art pundits, G and H, attend the opening of this mysterious new gallery and exchange observations on what they see and perceive - they comment on both the art works themselves and their impressions of this event. These bon vivants, along with their friends and also a waiter, are heard and not seen in the videotape. They imbibe some intriguing hors d'oeuvres, and the "paintings" become more and more distorted. Finally, the two pundits become delirious, and they stop talking and begin experiencing the paintings and their mutations in a single-frame rhythm, accompanied by quasi-techno music.