Andrew James Paterson

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A Typical Morning for Green and Blue (excerpt) 8:20 minutes 2010

Green and Blue's typical morning consists of two parallel split-frame image streams which are interrupted by bits of dialogue - perhaps the ghost of a screen or stage play. The image screens consist respectively of green and blue based images, although there is some processing which alters and skews dominant colours. Verbal language never co-exists with the images streams or montages, although there are traces of verbal language in the images, some of which contain rectangular letters of the alphabet. Rather, these visuals are accompanied by single musical tones - think of refrigerators with pitch. The dialogue between Green and Blue (appropriate coloured text on appropriately coloured slugs) suggests either long-term lovers or perhaps overfamiliar housemates. Green and Blue wander in and out of their everyday concerns - tea, the weather, viruses, and memorials.