Andrew James Paterson

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Auction Performance - Auctioneer’s Presentation           Andrew James Paterson



 Good evening, and welcome to Des Fleurs Pour Decorer. And why are we here? You are here perhaps because I am giving a performance? Well, yes, but why are we really here? You are here for the entertainment? Entertainment is merely a means to an end. You are here because you both want and need to buy art. You live in modern environments that have been sold to you as artistic - you cannot be an artist unless you live in an artistic environment. And how can that environment be artistic without art in it - on your walls, on your kitchen tables, your floors, and on your screens? How can you be a host or a player in the art economy unless you own and buy art? Of course we all know the answer - you can’t. This is not a matter of art being life; rather, your life itself must be art. Art is not the everyday, but the everyday must be art. Those leftists of the twentieth century - the Marxists, Situationists, the Relational Aesthetics crowd … have got it all backwards.


We have before us both art and meta-art. Art about art within art etcetera etcetera. One can purchase for oneself or a friend art objects that are art objects themselves or part of a larger art object. One can even buy the whole installation - the entire art environment with its micro commodities, if one is in a position to take the plunge. One can buy a big deed or a variety of little deeds - small lots with trade value both economic and beyond simplistic economies. Here today we have many art objects that may not initially seem to resemble what you have known to be art objects. But they are, because they can be both decorative and practical. They are beautiful in their own right and they are functional. If you want to be a host, then you must have options of décor. You have to be able to create environments. Sometimes you have to change your environments very quickly - such is the reality of revolving door culture. Often, this means that you must purchase more than one option, as that is the reality of being an artist and a player in the art economies.


Now that we are in the twentieth century, definitions of what exactly might qualify as an art object have changed significantly. Please note that electronic and/or digital art is and should be of at least equal value as paintings, sculptures, and classical photographs. Video installation or projection is indeed the art form of the twenty-first century, because it is so transparent and transitional. If your date likes landscapes, the up goes a landscape. If your date likes, portraits, well …. And never forget abstracts and abstractionism. Abstractionism is the classic art mode of the free world - art free from social or political obligations. And speaking of the free world, now it is time to begin our auction. And our first lot is…



This monologue serves as an introduction to an “art-auction” performed in tandem with Sylvie Belanger’s exhibition Des Fleurs Pour Decors. This exhibition and performance has been presented at Big Orbit Gallery in Buffalo and Birch/Libralato Gallery in Toronto.