Images Festival Performance Trailer Andrew James Paterson


Performer enters, looking through an antiquated view master. He puts the view master into his jacket pocket and begins a recital of sorts.

View master

Master view

How Victorian

I mean, really

How analogue

Not digital

Perhaps monologue

On-line off-line

On-screen off-screen

Outside the film

In front of the film

Inside the film

(Performer reaches into pocket and retrieves a package of Super-8 film. He then inserts the package into his mouth.)

Haptic Haptic Haptic

Bodies in frame

Bodies outside frame

Body behind camera

Body do editing

Serious serious editing

Montage straight?

Mise-en-scene queer?

Please explain Eisenstein







Durational Commitment

Beginning middle and end

Not necessarily in that order

Enjoy your film

Enjoy your video

(Performer retrieves DVD from pocket and throws it into audience)

Enjoy your document

Enjoy your hybrid hybrid hybrid

Enjoy your images

Thank you.

(Performer exits)