Andrew James Paterson,

408 Queen St. W., # 7,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M5V 2A7

Tel 416-703-2236


Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1952

Education: General Arts B.A., University of Toronto,

London University U.K. (English Lit. and Philosophy)


Andrew James Paterson


Andrew James Paterson is an inter-media artist active with video, film, writing, performance, curation, and musical performance. Paterson has a history of activity with artist-run culture and self-initiated projects. His videos and films have been exhibited in Seoul, Bangalore, New York, London, Montreal, and other international venues in addition to Toronto. His work has always entertained a performative element, and he has presented performances in tandem with projected film and video in many venues.

Paterson has also functioned as a writer and editor, most notably for YYZ Books with the book Money, Value, Art (2001 co-edited with Sally McKay). His media-art work can be broken into two strands - one consisting of original still images processed in Final Cut Pro , and one involving hand-held black and white super-8 film. These latter works occupy an idiosyncratic space between performance and documentary. Paterson has also been active as a programmer or curator for independent media works and also visual art exhibitions.

Many of Paterson’s work are concerned with the tensions between bodies, technologies, and institutions. His body of work is characterized by a symbiotic relationship between bodies, landscapes, technological initiatives, and abstraction. Paterson has served as a curator or programmer for many organizations: Cinematheque Ontario, the Images Festival, YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Trinity Square Video, Mercer Union, and others. He continues to oscillate between bodies and technologies in his own works, and he now works as a coordinator for the 8 fest festival of small-gauge films.

Andrew James Paterson is the winner of the 2014 Tom Berner Award sponsored by LIFT and Images Festival and “presented annually to an individual who has provided extraordinary support to the cause of independent filmmaking in Toronto."

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V/TAPE 401 Richmond St. W., # 452, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8

VIVO 1965 Main St., Vancouver, BC V5T 3C1


2016 Narrative, colour, 7.5 min. dist.V/Tape

2015 Time Line, colour on white, 4 min. dist. V/Tape

2014 Floating, (collaboration with Kevin Dowler for musical ensemble ‘Derwatt’), , 3.5 min., dist. V/Tape

2014 More or Less, colour, 3 min., dist. V/Tape

2013 Passing, colour, 6 min. dist. V/Tape

2012 Seven Segments, B&W/colour, Super 8/video, 29 min.

2011 Roman Spring Leakage, colour, 7 min. dist V/tape

2010 Trophy Life, B&W, 2 min. (silent) , Super 8/Mini-DV , dist. V/Tape

2009 A Typical Morning for Green and Blue, colour, 8 min. dist. V/Tape

2008 12 x 26, colour, 6 min. dist. V/Tape

2008 The Enigma of S.A.P., colour, 10 min. dist. V/Tape

2007 AIDS Has Not Left the Building, colour, 1 min. dist. V/Tape (available in silent

and musical versions)

2007 Damned and Forgiven, colour, 4 min. dist. V/Tape

2006 Rectangular World, colour, 9 min. dist. V/tape (in conjunction with Trinity Square Video in Toronto, commissioned for Fraternite residency/compilation)

2005 D.O.A./Remake/Remodel, B&W, 3 min., Super 8/ Mini-DV, dist. V/Tape

2005 Damn That Eternal Basement, colour, 3 min. , Super8/Mini-DV, dist. V/tape

2004 Eating Regular, colour, 8 min. dist. V/tape (in conjunction with Trinity Square Video, commissioned for Eat residency/compilation)

2002/2003 The Headmaster’s Ritual, B&W, 3 ½ min. , Super8/Mini-DV, dist. V/Tape

2001 Snowjob, colour, 3 min. dist. V/tape (commissioned by Pleasure Dome of Toronto’s Blueprint programme)

2001/1999 The Walking Philosopher, B&W, 4 ½ min. , Super8/Mini-DV, dist. V/Tape

1999 Cash and Carry, colour, 5 min. dist. V/Tape (commissioned by Ed Video of Guelph, Ontario’s Don’t Bank On It programme

1994 Controlled Environments, colour, 33 min. dist. V/tape

1993 Pink in Public, colour, 19 min. dist. V/Tape and VIVO

1990 Who Killed Professor Wordsdworth?, colour, 20 min. dist. V/tape and VIVO

1987 Immortality, colour, 27 min. dist. V/Tape

1985 Hygiene, B&W/colour, 45 min. dist. V/Tape and VIVO (collaboration with Jorge Lozano)

1984 Trio, colour, 22 min. dist. V/tape and VIVO

1981 How Many Fingers?, colour, 8 min. dist. V/tape and VIVO (collaboration with Alan Fox)




2010 Halfway Home Comfort Zone, B&W, Super-8, silent

2006 Rods and Mockers, colour, 2 min. (2-channel installation collaboration with Chandra Bulucon, for Digifest at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto)

2005 Modernist Kodak, colour, 45 sec. (for Prefix Gallery compilation Sales Performance)

2001 Motion Purveyor, B&W, 3 min. super-8, silent

2000 Missing Equations, Missing Words, web-project for Paul Petro Fine Arts, Toronto

1995 Name the Speaker, Toast the City, colour, 31 min. Western Front, Vancouver, (collaboration with Eric Metcalfe)

1989 Because of the Weather, colour, 5 min. for video compilation Diderot 2: Television and the Channels of Culture, United Arts Media Studies, Toronto

1984 Passports of Love, colour, 20 min. Western Front performance documentation

1983 Instafeed, colour, 45 sec.



Trinity Square Video (Toronto), National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa, Ontario), Art Metropole (Toronto and Ottawa), Canada Council Art Bank (Ottawa), Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (Halifax, Nova Scotia), Queens University (Kingston, Ontario)



2010 J.S. Dub, 2 min.

2010 Mystics Luv 2 Cum, 2 min.

2009 Checkpoints and Rectangles, 2 ½ min. (music by “The Government)

2008 Josef A 1,2,3,4,5 (various lengths, all with music by “The Government”)


2011 Theoretical Tents, 1 min.

2010 November Hatched A Hamster, 1 min.

2010 Solo Wit, 1 ½ min.

2009 Oh Those Pencils, 1 min.

2009 Queen Crimson, 1 min.

2009 September Wallpaper, 1 ½ min.

2009 Square and then Beyond Square, 1 ½ min.

2009 Threesomes, 2 min.



2017 Focus : Andrew James Paterson, Festival International du Film sur l’Art (Le FIFA) , Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2017 Toronto: Tributes + Tributaries Film and Video Festival, Art Gallery of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2016 Festival Canadian Contemporary Media Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2016 Time Form Scene, Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS), Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2016 Toronto Queer Film Festival (TQFF), Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2015 Winnipeg Underground Film Festival (WUFF), Winnipeg. Manitoba, Canada

2015 The Man With No Movie Camera, LOMAA, London, Ontario, Canada

2015 V/Tape Collection, Dazibao, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2015 "Layering", Queer City Cinema, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

2014 More or Less Minus Plus, DOORED, DoubleDoubleLand, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2014 Auntie Salon, VideoFag, Toronto

2014 The City’s In Flame, Fort York Branch Toronto Public Library, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2014 Queer City Cinema, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

2014 Undefined, Bar Radio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2014 Media X, Whitewater Gallery, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

2014 Media X, VideoPool, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

2013 Short Sentences, VideoFag, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2013 Media X, gallerywest, Toronto

2013 S.A.P., gallerywest, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2013 Off and Free International Expanded Cinema and Art Festival, Seoul, Korea

2013 Festival International du film s’ur L’art, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2013 International film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2013 Separation Penetrates, Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem, The Netherlands

2012 Mountain Standard Time Performance Art Festival, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2012 DaDaReboot, Nuit Blanche, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2012 Reelout 12 Queer Film + Video Festival, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

2011 Uber Satze (Trans Literate), 28th Kasseler DokFest, Kassel, Germany

2011 This is Paradise, MOCCA (Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art), Toronto

2011 From One Side to Another, Exposition Collective, Caen, France

2011 Panorama de la video quebecoise + canadienne, Festival International du film Sur L’art, (FIFA), Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2011 Pleasure Dome New Works Show, Toronto

2011 The Ghosts of Home Entertainment, Trinity Square Video, Toronto

2010 Not Found on eHarmony, MIX 23: New York Queer Experimental Film Festival, New York, N.Y, U.S.A.

2010 Mid-Life Shelf-Life, V/Tape/Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto

2010 TAIS Animation Showcase & Aqua Jam, Toronto Animated Image Society

2010 Hold Still Wild Youth: The Gina Show Archives, Or Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

2010 One Take Super-8, Images Festival, Toronto

2009 Siting Cinema, Images Festival at Experimenta, Bangalore, India

2009 Multi Levels, aluCine Festival, Toronto

2009 Siting Cinema. Images Festival at EXIS (Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul), Seoul, Korea

2009 Des Fleurs Pour Decorer, Birch Libralato Gallery, Toronto

2009 Inside Out Gay & Lesbian Film & Video Festival, Toronto

2009 Eating Irregular, Available Light Collective, Ottawa

2009 The Communism of Forms: Sound + Image+ Time ¾ The Strategy of Music Videos, Red Bull 381 Projects/Art Gallery at York University/Images Festival, Toronto

2009 Siting Cinema, Images Festival, Toronto

2009 Festival International du Film sur Art (FIFA), Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2009 Pleasure Dome New Works Show, Toronto

2009 8 Fest, Toronto

2008 HIV Exposure ¾ Exposure: Edmonton’s Queer Arts and Culture Festival Bathhouse, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

2008 Queer City Cinema VII, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

2008 Mono Logical (Luminato version), self-curated survey of film/video selections with per formative monologues, Queen Street Celebration, Luminato, Toronto

2008 24 Flames a Second, Inside Out Gay & Lesbian Film & Video Festival, Toronto

2008 First Fridays, Gallery Lambton, Sarnia, Ontario

2008 Camera-Free Film and Video, Video Pool/Cinematheque, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

2008 Mono Logical, Available Light, Ottawa

2007 Des Fleurs Pour Decorer, Big Orbit Gallery, Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A.

2007 Big Gay Canada, Ed Video, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

2007 What’s Up Doc? ¾ Search and Deploy, V/Tape (Curatorial Incubator), Toronto

2007 Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF), Toronto

2007 Sales Performance, PREFIX, Toronto

2007 Pride Video, Toronto

2007 That 80s Show ¾ Test Signal, V/Tape (Curatorial Incubator), Toronto

2006 Fraternite, Trinity Square Video, Toronto

2006 Fraternite, Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal

2006 Anti-Matter ¾ Experimental Film & Video Festival, Victoria, B.C., Canada

2006 Mono Logical, Murder City Media City, Cinematheque, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2006 Video Barf, Available Light Collective, Ottawa

2006 Inside Out Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival, Toronto

2006 Mods and Rockers, Case Studies, Digifest, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto

2006 Pleasure Dome New Works Show, Toronto

2006 Mono Logical (academic version), Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston, Ontario

2005 Eat the Food, Gallery 1313, Toronto

2005 Splice This (at Toronto Alternative Art Fair ¾ TAAFI), Toronto

2005 Mono Logical, Mountain Standard Time Performance Art Festival, Calgary, Alberta

2005 Toronto Video Art Orientation Survey, Art Gallery at York University, Toronto

2005 Splice This ¾ Super-8 Film Festival, Toronto

2005 Blueprint, Pleasure Dome at Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario

2005 Pleasure Dome New Works Show, Toronto

2004 CineFest, Picton, Ontario

2004 Blueprint, Pleasure Dome at Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario

2004 EAT, Trinity Square Video at CineCycle, Toronto

2003 Mono Logical, Pleasure Dome, Toronto

2003 The Michael Jackson Project, Zsa Zsa, Gallery Toronto

2003 Fabulous Fringe Film & Video Festival, Durham, Ontario

2003 Inside Out Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival, Toronto

2002 Splice This, Toronto

2002 Tongue-in-Chic, SPIN Gallery, Toronto

2001 Festival de Nouveau Cinema, Montreal

2001 Video Primer ¾ Masquerade, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

2001 Splice This, Toronto

2001 Inside Out Gay & Lesbian Film & Video Festival, Toronto

2001 Blueprint, Pleasure Dome, Toronto

2001 Pleasure Dome New Works Show, Toronto

2000 Inside Out Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival, Toronto

2000 Images Festival, Toronto

2000 Paul Petro Fine Arts, Toronto

1999 Don’t Bank On It, Ed Video/Bookshelf Cinema, Guelph

1999 Splice This! Super-8 Film Festival, Toronto

1999 Culture Slash Nation, Definitely Superior Gallery, Thunder Bay, Ontario

1997 The Independents, Cinematheque Ontario, Toronto

1995 Media City, Windsor, Ontario

1995 Culture Slash Nation, Gallery TPW, Toronto

1995 Trinity Square Video Purchase Collection, Toronto

1994 Pleasure Dome New Toronto Works Show, Toronto

1994 YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Toronto

1994 Outing/Out, Ed Video, Guelph

1993 Negotiating the Stigma, Video In, Vancouver

1993 Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Film & Video Festival, Atlanta, Ga, U.S.A.

1993 Peggy’s Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia

1993 Inside Out Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival, Toronto

1993 Images Film & Video Festival, Toronto

1993 Celebrating Canadian Film and Video, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France

1992 In The Face of Death, Video In, Vancouver

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1991 Recent Acquisitions, Art Metropole, Toronto

1991 Trinity Square Video Purchase Collection, Toronto

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1984 Western Front, Vancouver

1984 New Museum of Art, Brussels, Belgium

1984 Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal

1984 New Work Show, Toronto

1983 Chromaliving, Toronto

1983 WNET/PBS, Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A.

1983 Recent Canadian Videotapes, Cork. Ireland






2014 More Or Less: DOORED, DoubleDoubleLand, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2014 If I Were Mayor, First Thursdays, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2014 Formalism Camp Modernism Queer, YYZ Artists’ Outlet 35th Anniversary, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2014 Formalism Camp Modernism Queer, First Thursdays, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto,Ontario, Canada

2012 Into The Vaults, a site-specific performance concerning at archives of The New Gallery at John Snow House, Mountain Standard Tome Performance Art Festival, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2011 The Ghosts of Home Entertainment, a site-specific performance concerning the video collection of Trinity Square Video, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2009 Condo-Art Auctioneer, in conjunction with Des Fleurs pour Decorer – an exhibition by Sylvie Belanger, Birch Libralato Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2008 Mono Logical, an interdisciplinary evening of film, video, and performative monologues,

LuminaTO version, LuminaTO at Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, Ontario

2008 Mono Logical, , Available Light, Ottawa, Ontario

2007 Condo-Art Auctioneer, in conjunction with Des Fleurs pour Decorer – an exhibition by Sylvie Belanger, Big Orbit Gallery, Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A.

2007 Mono Logical 6, monologue with video backdrop, Pleasure Dome New Works Show,

Toronto, Ontario

2006 Mono Logical Murder City, Cinematheque and Independent Media Arts Alliance, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

2006 Lucky 13 Quiz Show, performance bus, Art Gallery at York University, Toronto, Ontario

2006 Mono Logical (academic version- no costumes), Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston, Ontario

2005 Mono Logical, Mountain Standard Time Performance Art Festival, Calgary, Alberta

2003 Mono Logical, co-production of 7a*11d Performance Festival and Pleasure Dome ,Toronto, Ontario

2002-3 Lucky 13 - a quiz show , Quick-Time Art, CKLN Radio, Toronto, Ontario

2001 Lucky 13 - a quiz show, Cameron Public House, Toronto, Ontario

1998 Symptoms of Whatever- 7a-11d Performance Festival, Toronto, Ontario,

1998 Songscapes- Music Gallery Toronto, Ontario

1997 Performance: A Performance- 7a-11d Performance Festival, Toronto, Ontario

1997 Bytes: Inter-site performance - Trinity Square Video, Toronto, Em Media, Calgary, Alberta, Centre for Art Tapes, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Western Front, Vancouver, BC.

1996 Performance: A Performance- A Space Gallery, Toronto

1995 Performance: A Performance- Stride Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

1995 Performance: A Performance- Western Front, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

1992 Fragmented Recall- In Absentia, The Memorial Project ,Euclid Theatre, Toronto

1989 Name The Creep- A Space Gay and Lesbian Cabaret, Toronto

1987 The Strange Case of Norman Desmond- Western Front, Vancouver

1986 The Strange Case of Norman Desmond -SAW Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

1986 The Strange Case of Norman Desmond- Ice House Theatre, Toronto

1984 Passports of Love- Western Front, Vancouver

1984 Passports of Love- Norman MacKenzie Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

1982 Typewriter Symphony, ARC, Toronto

1981 Coffee Break- Ed Video, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

1980 Coffee Break- 222 Warehouse, Harbourfront, Toronto

1979 Skillful Evasions – A Space, Toronto





2012 Seven Segments

2010 Trophy Life

2007 Damned and Forgiven

2005 DOA/Remake/Remodel

2004 Eating Regular

2001 Snowjob

1999 Cash and Carry

1994 Controlled Environments

1993 Pink In Public

1990 Who Killed Professor Wordsworth

1987 Immortality (adapted from The Strange Case of Norman Desmond )

1981 How Many Fingers? (collaboration with Alan Fox)


I have also performed in works by various artists including: Mike Hoolboom, John Greyson, Joel Gibb/Hidden Cameras, Tanya Mars, John Marriott, Michael Balser & Andy Fabo, Ali Kazimi, Gary Kibbins, Karma Clarke-Davis, Kids on TV, Sylvie Belanger, Susan Britton, and others.





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2001 The Left Is....., The Lefty Show - exhibition essay , A Space Gallery (Toronto)

2001 Censorious Practices - historical feature for Trinity Square Video newsletter

2001 Money, Value, and Art - co-editor of and contributor to anthology (Preface and Introduction, plus historical time-line), YYZ Books

2001 Short Circuits - exhibition essay , YYZ Newsletter

2000 Performative Impulses - Lux ,co-pub. Pleasure Dome and YYZ Books

2000 Political’ - pub. Public : ‘Lexicon’ issue

2000 Winding Up and Winding Down - survey of Images’ 2000 Film & Video festival , pub. in POV , summer 2000

2000 I’ve Got To Stop Talking To Myself..... - pub. I’ve Got To Stop Talking To Myself..... ,

ed. John Marriott, contributor to book and accompanying CD

2000 Missing Equations , Missing Words - web-site at Paul Petro Fine Arts (Toronto)

1999 A,B,C,D,E,F,G, and H (or Ships Passing) - unpub. (novelette)

1999 When Public Became Private - pub. Fuse ,Summer 1999, Vol. 22 no.3., pp.9-12

1999 True Fiction - pub. Open Letter: tenth series, number 5, Spring 1999

1999 Symptoms Of Whatever - self-pub. artist’s book w. computer-word-drawings, text, CD w. text/music.

1999 Filter Tipped (working title)- unpub. (collection of short stories)

1999 Zapping The Communities - pub. Mix, Winter 1998-99, Vol.24.3

1998 Symptoms and Corridors - unpub. ( novel )

1998 Canadian Shields - pub. in catalogue for art exhibition Canadian Shield

1998 Inside Out/ Outside In? - pub. Fuse ( review of media arts festival, arts/ cultural analysis )

1997 Accountability, Elitism, Access, and Censorship - a dialogue pub. in Suggestive Poses: Artists and Critics Respond To Censorship- pub. by Gallery TPW and The Riverbank Press (Toronto)

1996 Performance: A Performance - excerpts from performance art script - pub. In Performance Art supplement of Canadian Theatre Review (summer edition )

1996 Controlled Environments - artists page with stills and text excerpts from videotape Controlled Environments- pub. in catalogue supplement for exhibition Culture Slash Nation- pub. in Border/lines, winter issue.

1995 The Fruit Machine: Sweet, Healthy, and Familiar - pub. Fuse- review and commentary on media art series at Cinematheque Ontario.

1993 Symposium on Bisexuality - presented at Queer Studies conference at University of Toronto- unpublished- a fictional conference revised and included in Systems and Corridors.

1991 There’s No Place like Home: The Rise and Fall of David Lynch - pub. Fuse (popular culture issue)

1990 Lust For Language - pub. Rampike (10th anniversary issue )- fiction

1989 To See or Not To See - pub. Border/Lines - fiction and critical commentary on Toronto Film Festival

1988 Authorities - pub. Impulse- fiction

1986 The Disposables - pub. Art Metropole a novel





2000- Fuse 1998- Public 1995- Mercury Press 1995- Fuse 1994- Coach House Press 1993- Border/ Lines 1991 What? 1990- Rampike 1990- Impulse 1988- Rampike 1987- Art Metropole, 1986- Underwich Editions




2013 Images Festival

2010 Images Festival

2009 Images Festival

2008 7a*11d Festival of Performance Art

2008 Images Festival




2015 Tele-Video Situations : Making Scenes: Film and Video, "This Is Paradise" conference, Hart House, Toronto, ON

2011 Ghosts of Home Entertainment, Artist’s Talk, Trinity Square Video, Toronto, ON

2010 Harsh Light , From Stage to Screen, University of Toronto Drama Centre, Toronto, ON

2005 Performance in Public Realm, Mountain Standard Time Performance Festival, Calgary, AB





2014- I’m Painting, I’m Painting Again: programme of videotapes and films at Available Light Collective in Ottawa, Ontario. titles: Video Paint 1.0 - Jeremy Bailey, Painting with Pastels - Karen Trask, A Minimal Difference - Jean-Paul Kelly, Twice Over - Simon Payne, Point de Gaze - Jodie Mack, The Quick and the Dead - Stephen Andrews, Thale - Barry Doupe, Slit Me A River - Christine Negus, Six Colorful Inside Jobs - John Baldessari

2010- Bodies Not at Home: programme of videotapes and films on video in tandem with Curating from the Archive: A 20th Anniversary Event, Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. titles: Shelter - Roberto Ariganello , Double - Riccardo Iacona , Aberrant Motion # 1 - Cathy Sisler , My Personal Virus - Steve Reinke , What’s On? - Martha Colburn , German Song - Sadie Benning/Come , Dangerous When Wet - Diane Bonder , When I Was a Monster - Anne McGuire , Knocturne - George Kuchar

2003- Interior Exteriors: …programme of videotapes and films on video at Available Light Collective in Ottawa, Ontario. titles: Summerquote - Valerie Leblanc , Seed - Leslie Peters , water into fire - Zachery Longboy , The Black Tower - John Smith , Elegy - Nick Fox-Gieg , Canada: Sperm Bank of Satan - Graham Hollings , Wreck/Nation - John Price , Disheveled Destiny - Colin Campbell

2003- Meet the Residents: …programme of video tapes at Trinity Square Video, Toronto.

titles: Video Feedback plus Interview - Martin Dunn , Television is a Dream - Michael Balser , Steam Clean - Richard Fung , Work - Kika Thorne , Machine Sex Action Group - Istvan Kantor, Performance Documentation - Michelle Kazparczak & Mike Steventon

2002- Reading the Pictures: Film and Video by Gary Kibbins......programme of four works by Kingston-based artist Kibbins, presented by Pleasure Dome, at CineCycle on June 7, 2002.

Titles include: P & Not-P (1994), The Alien Seaman (1998), Carl Andre’s Overalls (2000), and Limbic Moments (2002)

2002- Ephemeral Concrete.......programme of ....... videotapes for Images’ film & Video Festival - tapes and films situated around simultaneous abstraction and empiricism, or concept and physical reality , titles: Incidental Park Zones - John Marriott, Built Space: Textures of Home - Atsushi Ogate and Jan van Hauzen , - The Low Tide Group (self-titled project), Sweet as Honey - Jeremy Drummond, Ten Seconds of Protest - Jody Shapiro, If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now - Diane Bonder, Hand Job - Wrik Mead, Like a Nice Rubber Gas Mask- Malcolm Rogge, The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal - Matt McCormick

2000- Between Geography And Imagination.....programme of three videos at Trinity Square Video, Toronto - tapes revolved loosely around memory, recognition, delays between experiencing and describing ( writing, recording, etc.) titles: Deja Vu- Colin Campbell, Stravaaig Errance- Nikki Forrest, Time Passes- Nelson Henricks

1999- Relax, Please....... programme of three videotapes at Trinity Square Video, Toronto - tapes referent to psychiatric conventions and institutions, and to attempted behavioural control mechanisms, titles: Numerology of Fear, Janine Marchessault, A Gun Makes an Awful Mess - Michael Achtman & R.M. Vaughan, Come on and Touch it - Ian Murray

1998- in time, on line, down time......programme of two tapes at YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Toronto tapes concerned with work and physical/mental overload and excess informational intake, titles: Lullaby for the Almost Falling Woman - Cathy Sisler, Losing Sleep - Doug Porter

1996- The Position of the Audience....programme of six tapes for Cinematheque Ontario, Toronto, tapes concerned with spectator/performance relationships, voyeurism and surveillance, titles: Sackville, I’m Yours - Colin Campbell, A Conspiracy of Lies- Nelson Henricks, Call Roger - Rodney Werden, Ghost Production - Steve Reinke, Stain - Rae Staesson, Hypochondria - Liz Rosch

1996- Untarnished and Uncut... collage presentation of video and film excerpts either involving or theoretically provoking censorship. Artists excerpted include John Greyson, Colin Campbell, Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak, Vera Frenkel, Richard Fung, Andy Fabo and Michael Balser,

Lorna Boschman, Wrik Mead, Steve Reinke, Kika Thorne, and others. Presented at Ontario College of Art and Design on Nov.7,1996 , produced by V/tape

1996- Nature, Machines, Wheels, Bodies And Other Magical Moving Pictures: a collage of formative cinema. Commissioned by PUBLIC ACCESS with regard to the 100th Anniversary of Georges Melies’ prototypically magic movie presentations, collaging excerpts of silent cinema from Vaudevillians, Surrealists, and Russian radicals. Directors clipped include Eisenstein, Vertov, Dulac, Clair, Bunuel and Dali, Keaton, Lang, Chaplin, Dovshenko, Deren, Anger,

and others. Presented at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in Toronto on Jan.19, 1996

1995- Corporal Economics......programme of three tapes for Mercer Union, Toronto tapes revolve around interactions and contradictions between bodily pleasures and functions and economic systems, as well as academic thesis as performative speech, titles: A Short History of Water - Gary Kibbins, Marx: The Video - Laura Kipnis, Tell Me Why: The Epistemology of Disco - John di Stefano

1995- Time, Space, and Realities.....programme of six tapes for A Space, Toronto tapes loosely around altered perceptions in private, public, and electronically-constructed spaces or fields, titles: Spectral Bodies - Catherine Richards, The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle - Janice Tanaka, Walkers - Doug Porter, Time Has No Image - Doug Porter, Listen if it’s Raining - Zainub Verjee, We Pay to Look Like This - John Orentlicher

1993- Survivors: Resisting Confinement......programme of six tapes, films, and performance ,

for Pleasure Dome, Toronto tapes and films by and/or about consumer survival, titles: Knucklebones - Caroline Koebel, Locomotion - Anne Charlotte Robertson, Blow Brain Blow Brain - Helen Posno, Doorways - Beverly Taft, - A Map - Susan Lynch, St. Francis of Assisi at Honest Ed’s (performance) - Kim Kutner

1992-3 - Artists’ Television...... programmer for media arts compilation produced by Trinity

Square Video, Toronto , compilation of seventeen video excerpts and artist-interview/statements assembles into one hour programme, intended for broadcast television and educational services, directed by Judith Doyle, co-curated with Michael Balser and Betty Julian



2014 Tom Berner Award, presented by Images Festival and L.I.F.T.

2000 Art Fag Forever, presented by Images Festival



2011- co-ordinator for 8 Fest Small Gauge Film Festival


2011 - jury member for Projects and Initiatives, Canada Council for the Arts

2004 - jury member for Exhibitions and Publishing, Canada Council for the Arts

2001 - jury member for prizes and awards, Images Festival

1997-2000- Board member, serving on time-based and publishing committees, YYZ

1995 - jury member, Ontario Arts Council film & video programme (fall)

1995 - jury member for best work among open call programmes, Images Festival.

1995 - jury member Canada Council Interdisciplinary and Performance programmes

1991-3 - Board Member and Programming Committee Member, A Space

1991 - jury member, Ontario Arts Council video programme (spring)

1989-93- Board Member, Trinity Square Video, (chair in 1992-3)

1989 - jury member for Open Call programming, Images Festival

1985 - jury member, Ontario Arts Council video programme ( fall)

I have also exhibited as a video and performance artist, published cultural observation , criticism and fiction ; and composed music for both my own media works and those by others. My Video, Performance, Music, and Publishing CVs are available on request.