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2016 Collection/Correction, artistís book published by Kunstverein Toronto and Mousse Publishing Milan.

2016 From Show Room to High Rise, response to Toronto art exhibition Chroma Lives, published online by If I Canít dance I Donít Want to be Part of Your Revolution (Edition VI Event and Duration 2015-2016)

2015 A Not Exactly Round Table, response to subject of appropriation by Toronto chapter of If I Canít Dance I Donít Want to be Part of Your Revolution: Rereading Appropriation, (Edition V ó Appropriation and dedication,), Westerdok 606-608, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, pp.48-56

2014 Extraordinarily Everyday, essay on performance by Berenicci Hershorn, Hamilton Artistsí Inc., exhibition catalogue

2014 Explosion In The Movie Machine, review of book published by Images Festival and LIFT, pub. C Magazine Issue # 121, Spring 2014, pp.74-75

2013 If I Canít Dance Than What Can I Do?, response as member of Toronto reading group to Michael Hardtís essay Affective Labour, included in Reading/Feeling, pub. If I Canít Dance, I Donít Want to be Part of Your Revolution (Edition IV ¾ Affect), Westerdok, 606-608, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, p.42

2012 Hello Amiga, Goodbye and Then Hello Again, essay for exhibition Hello, Amiga, Toronto Animated Image Society & Trinity Square Video,

2012 Expanding Moving Pictures: 1988-2012, essay for 25th annual Images Festival catalogue,

pp. 33-39

2012 Notes on the 2010 Congress, commentary on 2010 Experimental Media Congress of Toronto, Canada, INCITE Journal of Experimental Media Issue 3: New Ages, pp. 28-34 (originally published on Images Festival Blog Apr.12,2010 see

2011 We Are Behind The Object, review of book by Emily Wardill and Ian White, pub. C Magazine Issue # 110, Summer 2011, pp.52-53

2011 Canadian Artistís Spotlight: James MacSwain, interview with artist, pub. Images Festival 24

Catalogue, pp. 37-40

2010 On Abstractionism: incl. in simpleposie essays and pictures, collected and edited by Jennifer McMackon, pub. Jennifer McMackon, pp. 89-95

2010 Anti-Hero: Quíest que cíest: Icon, Villain, Anti-Hero, (Themed Commission Program Catalogue), pub. Trinity Square Video, pp. 35-41

2008 75.1 & 75.2: incl. in decentre: concerning artist-run culture, pub. YYZBOOKS, Toronto,

pp. 201- 205

2008 Spectacular Intimacies: essay on performance-to-video adaptations of Tanya Mars, incl. in anthology Ironic to Iconic: The Performance Works of Tanya Mars, pub. Fado Performance Inc.


2007 The Shame and The Glory: The Romance of Transgressions in Canada: Queering Sexualities, Nations, Cinemas, review of book by Thomas Waugh, pub. FUSE Vol. 30 No.2, pp.41-43

2005 Grammar & Not- Grammar : editor of anthology of scripts and essays by Gary Kibbins ,

incl. Foreword ( 4 Poems , 11 Essays , 5 Scripts , 2 Lectures , 1 Interview , and I Afterword ) ,

pp. 9-19 , pub.YYZ Books , Toronto , Ont.

2005 Men Who Donít Drive : ficto-critical writing , incl. in Impulse Archaeology , pp. 186-187 pub. University of Toronto Press , Toronto , Ontario ( originally published in Impulse , fall 1987 )

2005 Thereís Too Much Love in the World: review of the book Everybody Loves Nothing

by Steve Reinke , pub. Point Of View # 56 , pp.26-28

2004 The Revolution Will Be Televised: Stan Douglasí Hors-Champs : review of media-art installation at Art Gallery of Ontario , pub. FUSE Vol.27 No.2 , pp. 47-9

2004 More Progress. Less Process: catalogue essay for 7th Annual Splice This Super-8 Film Festival

of Toronto , June 18-20 , 2004

2004 The Creator Has A Master Plan : essay for brochure/catalogue for screening of new films and videotapes by Michael Achtman & RM Vaughan , at Luft Gallery, Toronto

2003 Snowjob : essay on my videotape Snowjob for catalogue Blueprint: moving images in the 21st century , pub. Pleasure Dome, Toronto , pp.91-3

2003 Agencies and Inventories : An Artist and her Microscope , essay for anthology Susan Kealey: Ordinary Marvel , co-pub. YYZ Books and Southern Alberta Art Gallery , pp.149-56

2003 Why Stoics Donít Riff: The Prime of Ms. Jeanne Randolph , ficto-critical writing regarding the cover of Jeanne Randolphís book Why Stoics Box: Essays on Art in Society ,pub. C Magazine Issue

# 78, summer 2003 , p.42

2003 The Lodger aka. Daniel Olson : ficto-critical writing for brochure for exhibition Ď Heckle and Jeckleí by Daniel Olson , at The New Gallery, Calgary, Alberta , May 2-30, 2003

2003 Meet The Residents , essay accompanying video programme at Trinity Square Video, Toronto

2002 Saxophone Countering Trumpet in Relation to Tulips , pub. PUBLIC 25 : ĎExperimentalismĎ

2002 21st Century ARCs : 25th Anniversary Issue, FUSE ,

2002 Whatever Happened to Charlie - unpub. (novelette)

2002 The Celluloid Canon : Weird Sex, Frigid Landscapes, and Canadian Film, review of weird sex and snowshoes and other Canadian film phenomena, book by Katherine Monk, pub. Literary Review of Canada, Vol. 10, No. 5

1997-2002 various shotgun reviews and 600 word articles for LOLA (visual and media arts periodical)

2001 A Ghost of Many Colours -unpub. (novelette)

2001 The Left Is....., The Lefty Show - exhibition essay , A Space Gallery (Toronto)

2001 Censorious Practices - historical feature for Trinity Square Video newsletter

2001 Money, Value, and Art - co-editor of and contributor to anthology (Preface and Introduction, plus historical time-line), YYZ Books

2001 Short Circuits - exhibition essay , YYZ Newsletter

2000 Performative Impulses - Lux ,co-pub. Pleasure Dome and YYZ Books

2000 Politicalí - pub. Public : ĎLexiconí issue

2000 Winding Up and Winding Down - survey of Imagesí 2000 Film & Video festival , pub. in POV , summer 2000

2000 Iíve Got To Stop Talking To Myself..... - pub. Iíve Got To Stop Talking To Myself..... ,

ed. John Marriott, contributor to book and accompanying CD

2000 Missing Equations , Missing Words - web-site at Paul Petro Fine Arts (Toronto)

1999 A,B,C,D,E,F,G, and H (or Ships Passing) - unpub. (novelette)

1999 When Public Became Private - pub. Fuse ,Summer 1999, Vol. 22 no.3., pp.9-12

1999 True Fiction - pub. Open Letter: tenth series, number 5, Spring 1999

1999 Symptoms Of Whatever - self-pub. artistís book w. computer-word-drawings, text, CD w. text/music.

1999 Filter Tipped (working title)- unpub. (collection of short stories)

1999 Zapping The Communities - pub. Mix, Winter 1998-99, Vol.24.3

1998 Symptoms and Corridors - unpub. ( novel )

1998 Canadian Shields - pub. in catalogue for art exhibition Canadian Shield

1998 Inside Out/ Outside In? - pub. Fuse ( review of media arts festival, arts/ cultural analysis )

1997 Accountability, Elitism, Access, and Censorship - a dialogue pub. in Suggestive Poses: Artists and Critics Respond To Censorship- pub. by Gallery TPW and The Riverbank Press (Toronto)

1996 Performance: A Performance - excerpts from performance art script - pub. In Performance Art supplement of Canadian Theatre Review (summer edition )

1996 Controlled Environments - artists page with stills and text excerpts from videotape Controlled Environments- pub. in catalogue supplement for exhibition Culture Slash Nation- pub. in Border/lines, winter issue.

1995 The Fruit Machine: Sweet, Healthy, and Familiar - pub. Fuse- review and commentary on media art series at Cinematheque Ontario.

1993 Symposium on Bisexuality - presented at Queer Studies conference at University of Toronto- unpublished- a fictional conference revised and included in Systems and Corridors.

1991 Thereís No Place like Home: The Rise and Fall of David Lynch - pub. Fuse (popular culture issue)

1990 Lust For Language - pub. Rampike (10th anniversary issue )- fiction

1989 To See or Not To See - pub. Border/Lines - fiction and critical commentary on Toronto Film Festival

1988 Authorities - pub. Impulse- fiction

1986 The Disposables - pub. Art Metropole a novel





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