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2014- I’m Painting, I’m Painting Again: programme of videotapes and films at Available Light Collective in Ottawa, Ontario. titles: Video Paint 1.0 - Jeremy Bailey, Painting with Pastels - Karen Trask, A Minimal Difference - Jean-Paul Kelly, Twice Over - Simon Payne, Point de Gaze - Jodie Mack, The Quick and the Dead - Stephen Andrews, Thale - Barry Doupe, Slit Me A River - Christine Negus, Six Colorful Inside Jobs - John Baldessari

2010- Bodies Not at Home: programme of videotapes and films on video in tandem with Curating from the Archive: A 20th Anniversary Event, Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. titles:  Shelter - Roberto Ariganello , Double - Riccardo Iacona , Aberrant Motion # 1 - Cathy Sisler , My Personal Virus - Steve Reinke , What’s On? - Martha Colburn , German Song - Sadie Benning/Come , Dangerous When Wet - Diane Bonder , When I Was a Monster - Anne McGuire , Knocturne - George Kuchar

2003- Interior Exteriors: …programme of videotapes and films on video at Available Light Collective in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. titles: Summerquote - Valerie Leblanc , Seed - Leslie Peters , water into fire - Zachery Longboy , The Black Tower - John Smith , Elegy - Nick Fox-Gieg , Canada: Sperm Bank of Satan - Graham Hollings , Wreck/Nation - John Price , Disheveled Destiny - Colin Campbell

2003- Meet the Residents: programme of video tapes at Trinity Square Video, Toronto.

titles: Video Feedback plus Interview - Martin Dunn , Television is a Dream - Michael Balser , Steam Clean - Richard Fung , Work - Kika Thorne , Machine Sex Action Group - Istvan Kantor, Performance Documentation - Michelle Kazparczak & Mike Steventon

2002- Reading the Pictures: Film and Video by Gary Kibbins......programme of four works by Kingston-based artist Kibbins, presented by Pleasure Dome, at CineCycle on June 7, 2002.

Titles include: P & Not-P (1994), The Alien Seaman (1998), Carl Andre’s Overalls (2000), and Limbic Moments (2002)

2002- Ephemeral Concrete.......programme of ....... videotapes for Images’ film & Video Festival - tapes and films situated around simultaneous abstraction and empiricism, or concept and physical reality , titles: Incidental Park Zones - John Marriott, Built Space: Textures of Home - Atsushi Ogate and Jan van Hauzen , - The Low Tide Group (self-titled project), Sweet as Honey - Jeremy Drummond, Ten Seconds of Protest - Jody Shapiro, If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now - Diane Bonder, Hand Job - Wrik Mead, Like a Nice Rubber Gas Mask- Malcolm Rogge, The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal - Matt McCormick

2000- Between Geography And Imagination.....programme of three videos at Trinity Square Video, Toronto - tapes revolved loosely around memory, recognition, delays between experiencing and describing ( writing, recording, etc.) titles: Deja Vu- Colin Campbell, Stravaaig Errance- Nikki Forrest, Time Passes- Nelson Henricks

1999- Relax, Please....... programme of three videotapes at Trinity Square Video, Toronto - tapes referent to psychiatric conventions and institutions, and to attempted behavioural control mechanisms, titles: Numerology of Fear, Janine Marchessault, A Gun Makes an Awful Mess - Michael Achtman & R.M. Vaughan, Come on and Touch it - Ian Murray

1998- in time, on line, down time......programme of two tapes at YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Toronto tapes concerned with work and physical/mental overload and excess informational intake, titles: Lullaby for the Almost Falling Woman - Cathy Sisler, Losing Sleep - Doug Porter

1996- The Position of the Audience....programme of six tapes for Cinematheque Ontario, Toronto, tapes concerned with spectator/performance relationships, voyeurism and surveillance, titles: Sackville, I’m Yours - Colin Campbell, A Conspiracy of Lies- Nelson Henricks, Call Roger - Rodney Werden, Ghost Production - Steve Reinke, Stain - Rae Staesson, Hypochondria - Liz Rosch

1996- Untarnished and Uncut... collage presentation of video and film excerpts either involving or theoretically provoking censorship. Artists excerpted include John Greyson, Colin Campbell, Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak, Vera Frenkel, Richard Fung, Andy Fabo and Michael Balser,

Lorna Boschman, Wrik Mead, Steve Reinke, Kika Thorne, and others. Presented at Ontario College of Art and Design on Nov.7,1996 , produced by V/tape

1996- Nature, Machines, Wheels, Bodies And Other Magical Moving Pictures: a collage of formative cinema. Commissioned by PUBLIC ACCESS with regard to the 100th Anniversary of Georges Melies’ prototypically magic movie presentations, collaging excerpts of silent cinema from Vaudevillians, Surrealists, and Russian radicals. Directors clipped include Eisenstein, Vertov, Dulac, Clair, Bunuel and Dali, Keaton, Lang, Chaplin, Dovshenko, Deren, Anger,

and others. Presented at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in Toronto on Jan.19, 1996

1995- Corporal Economics......programme of three tapes for Mercer Union, Toronto tapes revolve around interactions and contradictions between bodily pleasures and functions and economic systems, as well as academic thesis as performative speech, titles: A Short History of Water - Gary Kibbins, Marx: The Video - Laura Kipnis, Tell Me Why: The Epistemology of Disco - John di Stefano

1995- Time, Space, and Realities.....programme of six tapes for A Space, Toronto tapes loosely around altered perceptions in private, public, and electronically-constructed spaces or fields, titles: Spectral Bodies - Catherine Richards, The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle - Janice Tanaka, Walkers - Doug Porter, Time Has No Image - Doug Porter, Listen if it’s Raining - Zainub Verjee, We Pay to Look Like This - John Orentlicher

1993- Survivors: Resisting Confinement......programme of six tapes, films, and performance ,

for Pleasure Dome, Toronto tapes and films by and/or about consumer survival, titles: Knucklebones - Caroline Koebel, Locomotion - Anne Charlotte Robertson, Blow Brain Blow Brain - Helen Posno, Doorways - Beverly Taft, - A Map - Susan Lynch, St. Francis of Assisi at Honest Ed’s (performance) - Kim Kutner

1992-3 - Artists’ Television...... programmer for media arts compilation produced by Trinity

Square Video, Toronto , compilation of seventeen video excerpts and artist-interview/statements assembles into one hour programme, intended for broadcast television and educational services, directed by Judith Doyle, co-curated with Michael Balser and Betty Julian


2004 - jury member for Exhibitions and Publishing, Canada Council for the Arts

2001 - jury member for prizes and awards, Images Festival

1997-2000- Board member, serving on time-based and publishing committees, YYZ

1995 - jury member, Ontario Arts Council film & video programme (fall)

1995 - jury member for best work among open call programmes, Images Festival.

1995 - jury member Canada Council Interdisciplinary and Performance programmes

1991-3 - Board Member and Programming Committee Member, A Space

1991 - jury member, Ontario Arts Council video programme (spring)

1989-93- Board Member, Trinity Square Video, (chair in 1992-3)

1989 - jury member for Open Call programming, Images Festival

1985 - jury member, Ontario Arts Council video programme ( fall)

I have also exhibited as a video and performance artist, published cultural observation , criticism and fiction ; and composed music for both my own media works and those by others. My Video, Performance, Music, and Publishing CVs are available on request.