Andrew James Paterson

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About Andrew James Paterson

Andrew James Paterson (b. Toronto, 1952) is an interdisciplinary artist working with performance, video, film, music, performance and writing. He has exhibited and performed his works since 1979; and Collection/Correction marks the first survey of his practice. All of his work, regardless of discipline, shares concerns with language, bodies, and technologies; as well as a fascination with shifting paradigms between public and private realms. His writing has been published by YYZ Books, IMPULSE Magazine, FUSE Magazine, PUBLIC, amongst others. His videos have been presented internationally, including DokFest in Kassel, Germany; EXPERIMENTA in Bangalore, India; EXIS in Seoul, South Korea; MIX in New York, USA; and at the Images Festival and Inside Out in Toronto amongst many other venues. His video work is distributed by Vtape. He was a founding member of the influential band The Government and is currently a member of DERWATT. He has recently completed an artist's book project Collection/Correction, published by Kunstverein Toronto and Mousse Publishing Milan in 2016.